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Current Capital City Fellows

Elizabeth Anderson

Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey
Undergraduate School: University of Maryland
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Political Science
Graduate School: SIT Graduate Institute
Graduate Degree: MA, Sustainable Development
DC Government Email: elizabeth.anderson@dc.gov


Liz’s first rotation is with the Mayor’s Green Purchasing Program at the Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP). The Mayor’s Green Purchasing Program was one of twelve projects chosen by the mayor to be funded under the Sustainable DC Budget Challenge. In her role, Liz will help implement the sustainable purchasing strategy and develop best practices, including specifications, for District agencies to purchase products.

Michael Beckham

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Undergraduate School: Ohio University
Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Philosophy and Political Science, Minor in Environmental Health
Graduate School: UDC-David A. Clarke School of Law
Graduate Degree:  Juris Doctorate
DC Government Email: michael.beckham@dc.gov

Michael is beginning his fellowship at The Board of Ethics and Government Accountability (BEGA), a fairly new agency that is charged with investigating alleged ethics laws violations by District government employees and public officials, providing binding ethics advice and conducting mandatory training on the DC Government’s Code of Conduct.  At BEGA, he will be conducting research and analysis of other federal, state, and local jurisdictions regarding ethics rules and best practices in government ethics.  He will also begin drafting a Universal Code of Conduct for BEGA to distribute to the Executive Office of the Mayor and the D.C. Council for consideration for codification.

Lee Goldstein

Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Undergraduate School: The George Washington University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Human Services
Graduate School: The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration (GWU)
Graduate Degree: Master of Public Administration
DC Government Email: Lee.Goldstein@dc.gov

Lee began his fellowship by rotating at the Office of Planning (OP) from January 2013 –  April 2013.  There, he worked on Sustainable DC, the Mayor's comprehensive plan to make Washington, D.C. the greenest, healthiest, and most livable city in the nation in 20 years. In addition to working on the plan’s implementation and community outreach, he served as the primary liaison for the Sustainable DC Organizers program, leading a group of 12 community residents to advocate and communicate the plan at events and neighborhood meetings throughout the city.  He  also spent time working in the Neighborhood Planning Division on the preliminary stages of the "Mid-City East" Small Area Plan (SAP) in Ward 5, encompassing the neighborhoods of Eckington, Bloomingdale, and Truxton Circle. Additionally, he helped formulate initial frameworks for online outreach, community engagement, and early implementation projects. 

After the Office of Planning, he rotated at the Department of Housing and Community and Development (DHCD) from April 2013-October 2013 and the office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) from October 2013-April 2014, where he was able to work on projects pertaining to affordable housing in the District, including, at DMPED, the New Communities Initiative to redevelop neighborhoods into vibrant mixed-income communities.

Lee Hagy

Hometown: Springfield, Virginia
Undergraduate School: New York University
Undergraduate Degree: Political Science
Law School: Hofstra University Maurice. A. Deane School of Law
Degree: Juris Doctorate
Graduate School #1: Hofstra University School of Business
Graduate Degree: MBA, Management
DC Government Email: lee.hagy@dc.gov

1)  Executive Office of the Mayor - Mayor's Office of Budget and Finance – (October 2012 – April 2013)
At MOBF, Lee helped the Mayor's Capital Budget Director and the Capital Budget Team to put together put together the proposed FY2014 to FY 2019 Capital Improvements Plan. He tracked agency requests for capital project enhancements and created scoring sheets for the Deputy Mayors and City Administrator to use when evaluating the proposed capital projects of government agencies. Also, he drafted Reprogramming Memorandums for projects within the FY2013 capital budget.

2) Executive Office of the Mayor – Office of Boards and Commissions (April 2013-October 2013)
Lee helped to redraft portions of the Boards and Commissions Reform Act of 2013, which aimed to streamline the over 2,000 boards and commissions operating within the District and eliminate those which had been inactive for many years.  He also assisted with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and helped identify members for the Mayor’s Commission on HIV/AIDS and the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission. 

3) Office of the Attorney General – Public Interest Division, Equity Section – (October 2013 – April 2014)
The Equity Section defends the District of Columbia and its officials and employees in all large complex constitutional litigation brought against the District challenging the laws, regulations, policies and practices.  There, Lee worked with the Assistant Attorney Generals to prepare research memos for cases, draft Motions and letters, prepare witnesses for depositions, facilitate evidence production, conduct document discovery, attend hearings, take part in mediation sessions, and all other work as necessary.

Sasha Hammond-Lee

Hometown: Falls Church, VA 
Undergraduate School: University of South Carolina
Undergraduate Degree:  Bachelor of Arts in Art/Graphic Design
Graduate School: University of the District of Columbia
Graduate Degree: Master of Public Administration
DC GovernmentEmail: Sasha.Hammond-Lee@dc.gov


1) Commission on the Arts and Humanities (CAH) (April 2012 – October 2012)
Sasha oversaw the artist programming, session planning and budget for a national conference for 300 attendees. She also worked on an initiative to fund business development training, housing, and access to capital. In the area of grants management, she researched best practices and guidelines to support the introduction of three new grant programs for FY 2014; reviewed financial reports to ensure compliance with District grant-making regulations; analyzed policies to identify best practices in grant monitoring and risk assessment; and conducted site visits to the Commission’s grantees.

2) Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) (October 2012 – April 2013)
As the Special Assistant to the Office of the Director, Sasha was tasked with working on a variety of performance management and strategic initiatives projects. She completed a performance management matrix to streamline and track key performance indicators and developed standard operating procedures for reporting and monitoring. Additionally, she provided research to recommend best practices for nonprofit enterprises, certified business enterprises (CBEs), and commercial clean teams.

3) Mayor’s Office of Budget and Finance (MOBF) (April 2013 – October 2013)
Sasha assisted the Director of the Capital Improvements Program by contributing to the office's activity in advising the Mayor on financial and budgetary operations of the District government, assisting the Mayor in the formulation of the annual operating and capital budgets for the District government, and monitoring agency budget performance during the fiscal year. 

4) Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (MOBF) (October 2013 – April 2014)
Working alongside former fellow and current Great Streets Executive Director Polina Bakhteiarov, Sasha helps to market and manage the Great Streets Initiative, which is the Mayor's multi-year multi-agency commercial revitalization initiative to transform emerging corridors across the District into thriving and inviting neighborhood centers.  Through the Initiative, DMPED awards individual grants up to a maximum of $85,000 per small business to support existing small businesses, attract new small businesses, increase the District's tax base, and create new jobs for District residents. 

Nick Kushner

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Undergraduate School: University of Minnesota
Undergraduate Degree: Political Science
Graduate School: Virginia Tech
Graduate Degree: MPA, Public & International Affairs
DC Government Email: nick.kushner@dc.gov

Nick is working with the Sustainable DC team at the District Department of the Environment (DDOE), helping to produce the 2014 Earth Day Progress Report.  Additionally, he is supporting the work of two task forces created by Mayor's Orders that deal with health in all Policies and a Green Construction Code Transition Plan.

Jennifer Skow

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Undergraduate School: Florida State University
Undergraduate Degree: Economics and International Relations, Minor in French
Graduate School: Florida State University
Graduate Degree: Urban and Regional Planning
DC Government Email: jennifer.skow@dc.gov

Jennifer Skow is currently in her first rotation at the DC Department of Parks and Recreation. Her primary roles during her rotation revolve around planning and design activities for playground renovations, contributing to the Play DC Master Plan, creating design guidelines for grassroots initiatives on small parks, and developing internal process improvement mechanisms.

Prior to joining the Government of the District of Columbia, Jennifer worked in the real estate division of a DC based, non-profit affordable housing development company, Community Preservation and Development Corporation.

Sareeta M.C. Spriggs

Hometown: Mathews, Virginia
Undergraduate School: Norfolk State University
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Biology/Management Information Systems
Graduate School: Strayer University
Graduate Degree: MBA, Management
DC Government Email: sareeta.spriggs@dc.gov

Sareeta is working at The Department of Forensic Sciences, also known as the Consolidated Forensic Lab. In this facility, the city can coordinate crime, public safety and health investigations to help law enforcement officials solve crimes quickly and efficiently. She is working with the Deputy Director on Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement to improve efficiency and eliminate waste within the agency. In an effort to improve each department, she will be working with teams from Crime Scene Sciences, Forensic Science Laboratory and Public Health Laboratory to understand their processes and make recommendations on how to make the departments run more efficiently.

Luis Terán

Hometown: Centreville, Virginia
Undergraduate School: George Mason University
Undergraduate Degree: Government and International Politics
Graduate School: Virginia Tech
Graduate Degree:  Natural Resources
Graduate Degree #2: Urban and Regional Planning
DC Government Email: luis.teran@dc.gov

At the Office of Victims Services, Luis will be laying the groundwork to create an interpreter bank for violent crime victims with limited proficiency of English.  In addition, Luis will be developing outreach and best management practices to educate cultural enclaves in the District about victim services available to residents.

Maximilian Tondro

Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut
Undergraduate School: Cornell University
Undergraduate Degree: B.A. History
Law School: University of Maryland School of Law
Degree: Juris Doctorate
Graduate School #1: Warburg Institute, University of London
Graduate Degree: MA in Italian Renaissance Cultural History
Graduate School #2: University of Cambridge, St. John’s College
Graduate Degree: Ph.D., History of Art and Architecture
DC Government Email: maximilian.tondro@dc.gov

1) Office of the Attorney General – Commercial Division, Real Estate Transactions – (October 2013 – April 2014)
Max supported the lawyers in the Commercial Division by reviewing documents for pending real estate transactions, including Skyland and Southwest Waterfront.  He drafted closing checklists for these two transactions, as well as conducting legal research on title issues and on statutory authority.  Additionally, he drafted legal sufficiency memos and covenants as well as a grants manual for the office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development (DMPED) that consolidated all relevant legal requirements and created templates for the required forms to help the grant making process.

2) Office of Planning – Development Review Division – (April 2013 – September 2013)
At OP, Max assisted the team that developed the final draft of the revised zoning code (Zoning Regulations Review), for which he researched other jurisdictions’ best practices, analyzed potential outcomes of proposed zoning revisions, and helped with drafting.  For the Historic Preservation Division, he researched the historic evolution of District regulation of public space. His final project was preparing the initial draft for the zoning of the Walter Reed Redevelopment project.

3) Executive Office of the Mayor - Mayor's Office of Budget and Finance – (October 2012 – April 2013)
At MOBF, Max worked on two projects that required interacting with many District agencies, including updating the performance plans of agencies so that they included items from the Mayor’s One City Action Plan and re-doing the Master Fee Schedule, which details all of the fees charged in the District of Columbia by agencies, along with the relevant legal authority citations authorizing the charging of these fees.  He also researched the legislative history of performance parking and coordinated the inclusion of maps, both static and interactive, of capital budget improvements in the Budget Book.

Ted Van Houten

Hometown: Forest Park, Illinois and Dannemora, New York
Undergraduate School: Syracuse University
Undergraduate Degree: History and International Relations
Graduate School: University of Maryland
Graduate Degree:  Urban Studies and Planning
DC Government Email: theodore.vanhouten@dc.gov  

Ted is working at the District Department of Transportation’s Progressive Transportation Services Administration (PTSA), working with the teams supporting Streetcar development and the Circulator. He is also involved in development review and bus operations with WMATA.