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The Executive Leadership Program (ELP)

Purpose and Program Objectives

The purpose of the ELP is to support the development of effective executive-level leadership among members of the Mayor’s cabinet and their senior staff.  In addition, this program aims to enhance the supply of executive-level talent across the District by establishing a robust pipeline of Cabinet-ready leaders from which current and future mayors can draw.

Executives who complete the program will be able to:

  • Use their leadership assets to create organizational leadership climates which foster employee engagement, performance excellence, innovation, and sustained capacity building;
  • Think and act strategically with a broadened systemic perspective that enables their departments and agencies to more capably balance short-term requirements with sustained improvement and organization innovation; and
  • More effectively lead change and manage transition within and across agencies and sectors.

ELP Design Components

Based on feedback from senior executives within the existing District of Columbia workforce, as well as input from the District’s Department of Human Resources, the program will last 8 months (March—Nov 2014) and will include the following components:

  • Small cohort groups to allow opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction and coaching
  • Private, one-on-one executive coaching sessions
  • Action learning sessions in small groups
  • Lectures and discussions with leading faculty and subject matter experts
  • Integrated leadership assessments and a thinking preferences inventory
  • Cutting-edge content in a dedicated online learning environment

Learning Clusters

The curriculum will be developed using these learning clusters as guides:

  • Organizational Leadership—Topics will include assessing and influencing organizational climate, establishing trust, building shared accountability, collective responsibility, and more.
  • Strategic and Systemic Thinking—Topics will include thinking and acting strategically, understanding systems, working across sectors, and more.
  • Leading and Managing Change—Topics will include developing executive foresight, leading change, managing transition, and more.
  • Executive Communication and Political Savvy—Topics will include personal branding, executive communication, political savvy, and more.
  • Data Analytics and Critical Thinking—Topics will include performance measurement, performance management, using predictive and prescriptive analytics, and more.

2014 Executive Leadership Program Cohort

  • Jesus Aguirre, Director, Office of the State Superintendent of Education

  • Lucinda Babers, Director, Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Quincy Booth, Chief of Staff, Executive Office of the Mayor

  • Matthew Brown, Deputy Director for Resource Allocation, Department of Transportation

  • Sheila Bunn, Deputy Chief of Staff, Executive Office of the Mayor

  • Kenneth Evans, Deputy Budget Director, Executive Office of the Mayor

  • Derek Ford, Chairman, DC Housing Financial Agency

  • Barry Gersten, Chief Information/Technology Officer, DC Metropolitan Police Department

  • Jennifer Greene, Director, Office of Unified Communications

  • Brian Hanlon, Director, Department of General Services

  • Rosalynn Hughey, Deputy Director, Office of Planning

  • Ariel Levinson-Waldman, Sr. Counsel to the Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General

  • Tony Robinson, Director of Public Affairs, Office of the City Administrator

  • Christopher Shorter, Chief Operating Officer, Department of Health

  • James Staton, Chief Procurement Officer, Office of Contracting and Procurement

  • Gitana Stewart-Ponder, Legislative and Policy Analyst, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Public Service

  • Wayne Swann, Human Resource Officer, Department of Human Services

  • Charles Thornton, Director, Office of Returning Citizens

  • Camile Williams, Chief of Staff, Office of Aging

  • Kimberly Williams, Deputy Director, Department of Human Resources


If you have any questions regarding the ELP, please contact Patricia Evans (patricia.evans@dc.gov), Associate Director of DCHR’s Center for Learning and Development.