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Policies and Procedures

The Child Support Services Division (CSSD) performs all legal and programmatic functions associated with the District government's child support program. This Division provides services to assist District families by establishing paternity, locating absent parents, establishing child and medical support orders, reviewing and modifying child support orders, and enforcing delinquent child support orders. In addition, the Child Support Services Division recoups Temporary Assistance for Needy Family payments, Title IV-D foster care payments, and Medicaid payments.

In addition to providing services indicated above, CSSD develops policies and procedures that are compliant with federal and District statutes, regulations, case law and court rules.  These policies and procedure guide CSSD in the delivery of services.  This Online Policy Manual contains modified policies and procedures of various child support functions.

The modified policies and procedures are organized by categories.  You may select the category name (in red) to reveal a list of policies and procedures. 

The policy categories are as follows:

Intake and Paternity Establishment – This section contains policies on initial case processing, paternity establishment, genetic testing, and reinstating a closed case.

Enforcement and Medical Support – This section contains policies and procedures on various administrative enforcement tools, such as driver’s license revocation; administrative financial institution data match, judicial enforcement tools such as civil contempt and health insurance/medical support procedures.

Customer Service – This section contains policies and procedures that address the Mayor’s Customer Service Standards, the appropriate proof of identification, requesting an interpreter services, and the grievance process.

Collections and Disbursement – This section contains policies and procedures that address reimbursements, fee collections, debit cards/direct deposit, audits, payment histories and payments to parents.

Locate – This section contains policies and procedures that address the structure and function of the Locate Unit. 

Interstate – This section contains policies and procedures relating to the treatment of paternity and support cases that are forwarded for initiation and enforcement in the District of Columbia. The policies and procedures also address how CSSD initiates and enforces paternity and support orders from other jurisdictions.

Wage Withholding – This section contains policies and procedures that address the process by which income is garnished/attached from the non-custodial parent’s pay.  The section also contains a policy on how CSSD enforces the Notice of Income Withholding.

Legal – This section contains policies and procedures that address the services provided by the Legal Services Section.

Community Outreach – This section contains policies and procedures that are related to various CSSD programs such as the Department of Employment Services and Job Readiness Programs, the Fathering Court, Modification of Incarcerated Non-Custodial Parents’ Orders and the Early Intervention Programs.

Miscellaneous – This section contains policies and procedures that explain the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other topics.


Contact Information

The Policy, Outreach and Training Section is the unit within CSSD that is responsible for drafting policies and procedures for the Division.  If you have additional questions about the policy manual, please contact (202) 724-2131 and ask to speak with the Policy Section Chief.