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Electronic-District Personnel Manual (E-DPM) OLD

The chapters of the Electronic-District Personnel Manual (E-DPM) that are shown below provide the provisions contained in Title 6B of the DC Municipal Regulations.  As amendments to the chapters are adopted, the online E-DPM is updated accordingly.  Procedures for certain E-DPM chapters and current E-DPM instructions and bulletins are also available.

Chapter 1 - Human Resources Management

Chapter 2 - Retention of Personnel Rights and Benefits [PDF]    

Chapter 3 - Residency  [PDF]

Residency -  Implementing Guidance and Procedures  [PDF]

Chapter 4 - Suitability [PDF]

Chapter 5 - Public Employee Relations Board

Chapter 6 - Office of Employee Appeals

Chapter 7A -  Veterans Preference

Chapter 7B - Equal Employment Opportunity

Chapter 8 - Career Service  [PDF]

Chapter 9  - Excepted Services  [PDF]

Chapter 10 - Executive Services [PDF]

Chapter 11A - Classification

Chapter 11B - Compensation [PDF]

Chapter 12 - Hours of Work, Legal Holidays and Leave  [PDF]

Chapter 13 - Employee Development  [PDF]

Chapter 14 - Performance Management  [PDF]

Chapter 15 - Whistleblower Protection

Chapter 16 - Corrective and Adverse Actions; Enforced Leave; and Grievances [PDF]

Chapter 17 - (Reserved) Labor-Management Relations 

Chapter 18 - Employee Conduct [PDF]

Chapter 19 - Incentive Awards  [PDF]

Chapter 20A - Safety

Chapter 20B - Health  [PDF]

Chapter 21A - Health Benefits

Chapter 21B - DC Employees' Health Benefits [PDF]

Chapter 22 - Life Insurance Benefits

Chapter 23 - Disability Compensation

Chapter 24 - Reductions-in-Force 

Chapter 25 - Political Rights of Employees

Chapter 26 - Civil Service Retirement System [PDF]

Chapter 26 - DC Retirement Benefit Program

Chapter 27 - Temporary Assignment of Personnel  [PDF]

Temporary Assignment of Personnel - DC Standard Form 69 (DCSF 69) - Personnel Exchange Agreement  [PDF]

Chapter 29 - Employee Debt Set-Offs

Chapter 31A - Records Management and Privacy of Records

Chapter 31B - Processing Personnel Actions

Chapter 32 - Sub-Delegation of Personnel Authority   [PDF]

Chapter 35 - Voluntary Services

Volunteer Service Agreement Forms for Adults and Minors [PDF]

Chapter 36 - Legal Service [PDF]

Chapter 37 - Appointment, Reappointment, Discipline and Removal of Administrative Law Judges by the Commission on Selection and Tenure of Administrative Law Judges  [PDF]

Chapter 38 - Management Supervisory Service (MSS)  [PDF]

Chapter 39 - Testing for the Presence of Controlled Substances and Alcohol [PDF]