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COVID-19 HR Guidance

DCHR Customer Care Center

The DC Department of Human Resources’ Customer Care Center at 1015 Half Street, SE, will be physically closed to prevent the potential spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the District of Columbia. While residents and/or employees are unable to address their concerns in person, we are available by phone and email. You may call (202) 442-9700 or email [email protected]. Employees who require a new or replacement badge, including extensions, should contact their agency Human Resources Advisor. 

Lastly, for any access control issues, please contact the DC Department of General Services, Protective Services Division. Email request to: Alan Coleman ([email protected]) and CC Capt. Mclean ([email protected]) and Danielle Meadors ([email protected]).


New Employee Orientation

DCHR has modified New Employee Orientation (NEO) by having our new hires report directly to their agencies who are operating in a non-telework status for NEO instead of at DCHR.  New hires in agencies that are teleworking will attend NEO remotely.  The NEO will be conducted via Webex for all impacted agencies.

Next steps for impacted agencies:

•     For non-telework agencies, please begin identifying space and resources for your agency’s new hires to be able to access the Webex Monday.
•     DCHR will email all new hires about the change in location for the NEO.  However, each agency HR Office must contact their new hires by phone to ensure that they are notified about the change. 

•     DCHR’s HRSA team will work with your HR Specialist to communicate via email or telephone to advise your new hire of the change in location to Monday’s NEO.
•     The Webex link is, which will begin promptly at 9:00 am.
•     Your agency’s HRSA HR Specialist will advise you of any outstanding paperwork that may require additional verification, and any enhanced suitability clearances.

•     New hires that report to agencies for NEO will be advised to submit their documentation to their agency’s HR Office for review. 

•     For credentialing purposes, we are requesting that agencies prepare to assist in this process by working with your communications division to utilize a black background and obtain a photograph of your new hire that will be sent via email to [email protected].  Our goal is to

       allow your agency to pick up the ID Cards from DCHR Customer Care or request delivery to your location no later than Wednesday close of business.

•     DCHR’s Center for Learning and Development will facilitate the Webex session and provide thorough guidance throughout the presentation.

As we move forward with these changes, we will continue to communicate updates to the HR community regarding future NEO dates.

Document:  NEO PowerPoint Presentation


Emergency and Essential Designations

To address COVID-19, agencies may need to immediately designate employees as either emergency or essential employees. Agencies are authorized to make these designations without regard to the typical 30 day notice requirement. Once the designation form is completed, the employee’s position should be updated in PeopleSoft and a copy of the form emailed to [email protected].


Appointments Identified as Emergency

The health and safety of our workforce, residents, and visitors are our top priority. As a local government, we must meet the needs of our constituents as this situation surrounding novel coronavirus/COVID-19 continues to develop. To that end, linked below is a brief outline of the identified appointment types we can engage in during this state of emergency. If you're interested in using any one of the appointment types above during the COVID-19 declared emergency, please contact the Associate Director for Recruitment and Placement, Dr. Keisha Hawkins at [email protected] or (202) 794-0225, or Supervisory HR Specialist, Zondie Pendarvis at [email protected] or (202) 340-4067.

Document:  Emergency Appointments