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Chapter 8 Career Service Issuances, Electronic-District Personnel Manual

Issuance numbers beginning with "B" are DPM Bulletins. Issuance numbers beginning with "I" are DPM Instructions. Issuance numbers containing "+" are related to more than one Chapter of the District Personnel Manual, and has more than one issuance number.

Issuance No. Title Date Expires
I- 2019-09+ Rescission of DPM Instruction NO. 4-23 AND 8-72 August 16, 2019 Retain until superseded
I-2019-1 District Leadership Program January 4, 2019 Retain until superseded
B 2018-16+ Variance on Term Appointment October 23, 2018 April 30, 2019
I 8 79+ Pay and Term Limits, Exceptions (Form 11B Approvals) October 2, 2017 Retain until superseded
I 8 78+ Restrictions on Personnel Actions, Travel and Training July 15, 2017 Retain until superseded
I-8-77+ Immigration Reform and Control Act: Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification March 13, 2017 Retain until superseded
I-8-76 Learn Earn Advance and Prosper (LEAP) Academy February 1, 2017 Retain until superseded
I-8-74+ Employee Movements Between Agencies June 22, 2016 Retain until superseded
I-8-73 Term to Permanent Conversion (Career Service) January 29, 2015 Retain until superseded
I-8-71+ Immigration Reform and Control Act: Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification  March 21, 2013 Retain until superseded
I-8-69+ Priority reemployment consideration for employees affected by Reduction-in-Force (RIF)  June 25, 2009 Retain until superseded
I-8-68+ Supersession of DPM instruction No. 8-64, 9-32 and 38-20, Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) Certification Program for Agency Chief Information Officers  June 1, 2009 Retain until superseded
I-8-66+ Requirements for processing Temporary Appointments Pending the Establishment of a Register (TAPER) and non-competitive term appointments in the career service  February 26, 2009 Retain until superseded
I-8-64+ Special Consideration for Advancement - Graduates of the District Government's Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program and Capital City Fellows October 15, 2008 Retain until superseded

Merit Staffing Case File (MSCF) and MSCF checklist. Disposition of MSCF. 

September 19, 2008 Retain until superseded
I-8-60+ Employer-sponsored work visas  September 9, 2008 Retain until superseded
I-8-59 Time-in-Grade Requirements and Restrictions August 29, 2008 Retain until superseded
I-8-58+ Occupation and professions requiring licensure  August 20, 2008 Retain until superseded
I-8-56+ Supervision of District government employees by Personal Services Information Technology (IT) Contractors  July 28, 2008 Retain until superseded
I-8-55+ Requirements for competitive and non-competitive movement of employees from a subordinate agency to another subordinate agency  May 28, 2008 Retain until superseded
I-8-53+ Voluntary separations (resignations and retirements)  March 26, 2008 Retain until superseded
I-8-52 Establishment of applicant pool  March 18, 2008 Retain until superseded