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Chapter 7B Equal Employment Opportunity, Electronic-District Personnel Manual

Chapter Summary

Affirmative action policy in employment.

This publication includes the Chapter.


700 Applicability

700.1 The provisions of these regulations apply to all DC Government agencies and career service employees.


701 Affirmative Action

701.1 All heads of agencies shall prepare an annual affirmative action plan for submission to the Mayor and City Council in accordance with the provisions of the Affirmative Action in District Government Employment Act (DC Law 1-63).

701.2 The head of each agency shall be responsible for the implementation of the affirmative action plan to assure that the hiring, training, and promotional goals have been met.

701.3 It is not to be considered an unlawful discriminatory practice to provide preferential treatment for a class or classes of employees or applicants for employment when such actions are taken in accordance with an approved affirmative action plan.


702 Provisions for the Physically Handicapped and the Developmentally Disabled

702.1 The physically handicapped or developmentally disabled person may be examined to assure that his or level of skills is sufficient to meet minimal qualifications if--

(a) The qualification requirements are bona fide job-related qualifications;

(b) Such examination (including a medical examination) is to be conducted prior to entering on duty, provided that such a condition of employment would be applicable to all entering employees in a particular job, regardless of handicap or developmental disability; and

(c) Such examinations do not constitute preemployment medical examinations or preemployment inquiry of an applicant as to whether the applicant is a handicapped person or as to the nature of severity of the handicap.

702.2 All personnel decisions shall be made solely on the basis of merit and fitness without regard to the employee's physical handicap or developmental disability.


704 Use and Validity of Selection Procedures 

704.1 Selection procedures for applicants and employees shall be developed by the Office of Personnel and used as personnel assessment tools.

704.2 All procedures must be properly validated prior to their use.


705 Evidence of Validity of Selection Procedures 

705.1 The procedures shall be job related and significantly correlated with the elements of work behavior required by the position.

705.2 The procedures when implemented shall not have an adverse impact on minority groups.


706 Selection Procedures and Discrimination 

706.1 All selection procedures shall be designed on a non-discriminatory basis consistent with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Employment Act of 1972.


707 Discrimination in Benefit Programs 

707.1 Employees shall have full opportunity to participate in the health benefits, life insurance, and retirement programs on a non-discriminatory basis.


708 Disciplinary Action

708.1 Appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken against employees who violate the rules of this chapter.