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Employees FAQ

  1. Q. How do I request a Verification of Employment?
    A.  Please send your request to [email protected].
  2. Q.  How do I  modify my benefits for a qualifying life event? (Baby, Marriage, etc.)
    A  Please review the following Life Events aid, if you still have questions please feel to follow the below steps:
    Log onto the Employee Self Service (ESS). Select the “Benefits” icon and click on “Benefit Events”.  Select the appropriate “Event” e.g. “I got married”, “I had a baby”. Proceed with uploading dependent documentation and update the appropriate benefit selections. If neither of these options help, please feel free to contact the Benefits and Retirement Administration at (202) 442-7627.   Additional questions can be addressed to [email protected]
  3. Q.  How do I update my address in PeopleSoft?
    A.  Please review this video, “Navigating PeopleSoft” if you have still have questions please follow the below steps:
    Login to PeopleSoft (https://ess.dc.gov)
    Click on the Personal Details tab.
    Click Addresses on the right-hand side.
    Click on the current address.
    Click Edit Address on the next page.
    Change your address.
    Click Update.
  4. Q. How do I find out more about courses offered in PeopleSoft?
    A.  All courses can be found in PeopleSoft by following:

    You may also email [email protected] if you have additional questions or concerns.
  5. Q. I have questions about courses offered in PeopleSoft.
    A. All courses can be found in PeopleSoft by following:

    You may also email [email protected] if you have additional questions or concerns.
  6. Q. I am having problems submitting my application on the careers.dc.gov site.
    A.  If you are having a problem submitting an application please review our frequently asked questions or call (202) 442-9700 and ask for an IT Specialist.
  7. Q. Can I share my resume for future opportunities with DC Government?
    A.  Yes, please email your resume to [email protected] if you wish to share your resume for future opportunities.  Sharing your resume does not mean you have applied for a position.
  8. Q  I have questions about my paycheck?
    A.  Please review this video, “Understanding my Paycheck” if you still have questions please contact the Office of Payroll and Retirement Services at (202) 741-8600.
  9. Q. My Smartrip crd needs to be updated with the Union benefit, what do I do?
    A. Email a copy of your DC Government ID and metro card number to [email protected] and the Benefits Team will update your card.
  10. Q. How do I submit a grievance regarding a work, management issue, etc.?
    A.  If you wish to file a grievance, please refer to your agency’s Human Resources Department to begin the process. Please keep in mind that if you are a union employee you will need to speak with your union representative on the proper CBA process.
    If you are filing a grievance due to non-selection of employment, please complete the grievance form and submit it to [email protected]. You may find the form and additional information regarding the process, using this link: https://dchr.dc.gov/node/1151006.
  11. Q. How do I file a sexual harassment claim?
    A.  If you are considering filing a sexual harassment claim, it is recommended that you reach out to your agency’s designated Sexual Harassment Officer (SHO). You may find additional information at https://dchr.dc.gov/sexual-harassment. Follow the link entitled “Sexual Harassment Officer (SHO)” to find your SHO’s contact list.
  12. Q. How do I get a status update on a job I recently applied for?
    A.  Please email [email protected] if you have questions about a job you have applied for.