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Evaluating Performance Phase III

The Evaluating Performance Phase of the performance management cycle consists of 7 steps. They are:

  1. Employee creates and submits a self-evaluation to her/his supervisor.
  2. Supervisor creates and submits the official evaluation to the reviewer.
  3. Reviewer approves the official evaluation.
  4. Supervisor makes the official evaluation available to the employee.
  5. Supervisor meets with the employee and conducts the formal Year-End Review Discussion.    
  6. Employee acknowledges that the review was held.
  7. Supervisor finalizes official evaluation in PeopleSoft.

I. Self-Evaluation

Self-evaluation is the process in which the employee provides a self-assessment of his/her performance
based on the performance expectations established in the performance planning phase.

The purpose of a self-evaluation is to:

  • Allow the employee an opportunity to document his/her accomplishments during the review period;
  • Serve as a reminder to the supervisor of his/her employee’s accomplishments during the review period; and
  • Provide the supervisor with a sense of how the employee view’s his/her performance prior to the year-end discussion.

II. Year-end Discussion

The year-end discussion enables the supervisor and employee to discuss the official evaluation.

How to Prepare for the Year-end Discussion


a) Ask the employee to do a self-evaluation. (Optional)
b) Review the employee’s self-evaluation (if applicable).
c) Gather your observations of the employee’s performance documented during the performance management period.
d) Compare the employee’s actual performance to the performance expectations.
e) Review the rating category definitions and assign a rating to each performance expectations, and write a narrative justification.
f) Write an overall summary of the employee’s performance.
g) Discuss the evaluation with the Reviewer.
h) Await the approval of your Agency Director.
i) Schedule the year-end discussion with the employee.

The ePerformance System will be open for employees to create and finalize self-evaluations and for supervisors to finalize official evaluations.  The evaluation period ends November 16.