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  1. How do I apply if I’m current DC employee?
    As an internal user, you can access the job board by logging on through your ESS portal> Recruiting Activities> Job board
  2. I forgot my password.  What can I do to receive it?
    Click on “Forgot Your Password” and enter your username which is your email address associated with your account. An email will be sent to your listed email address with your temporary password. Don't forget to check your spam or junk mail.
  3. Can my password be reset if I no longer have access to the email address listed in my profile?
    No, You will need to create a new account.
  4. I tried to register again but was unsuccessful in doing so, how do I move forward?
    You cannot register twice with the same email. You must use the “Forgot Your Password” feature.
  5. How do I search for jobs in the new application system?
    You can search by “Agency”, “Job Family”, “Grade”, “Regular/Temp”, “Full Time/ Part Time” and/or “Keyword Search”. Combination searches can be done using the “Keyword Search” feature. Search results can be sorted ascending and descending by clicking on Job Title, Agency, Grade, Requisition Number or Closing Date.
  6. Can I use spell check in the new applicant tracking system?
    No, a spell check feature is not available in the applicant tracking system; however, you may use spell check from your internet browser. It is recommended that you create the response or resume in MicroSoft WORD and use the spell check feature there, then copy and paste or upload.
  7. Do I need to create an account to search for jobs?
    No, you can search for jobs without creating an account.
  8. How do I create a profile?
    Click on “Register” to create a profile. Enter your login and personal information. Any field with a red asterisk “*” requires a value. A password must contain at least eight characters with at least one alphabetic character and one number. You will then have the option to upload, paste or build a resume.
  9. Do I need an email to create a profile?
    Yes, a current email address is required to create a profile. If you do not have an email address, you can create an email account through Yahoo, Google, AOL, etc. 
  10. Do I need a resume to apply for positions?
    Yes, you need a resume to apply for positions. You have the option to Upload, Paste, or Build a resume.
  11. Can I review my resume after its uploaded?
    The system doesn’t allow you to review your resume after uploading.
  12. Can I delete my resume?
    No, resumes remain in the system and cannot be deleted; however, a new resume can be uploaded or built.
  13. How long will my resume reside on your system?
    Resume(s) that are uploaded will be available in the system for one year from the creation date.
  14. Can I apply for multiple jobs by submitting only my resume?
    You cannot apply with only a resume you must complete the online application. You can apply to multiple vacancies but only one at a time. There is no bulk application process.
  15. Is my information kept private when I apply online?
    Yes. All information provided to DCHR will be held in strict confidence. We use the information from your application solely to evaluate your request. Your account and application data are subject to our “Privacy Policy” and our “Terms and Conditions”.
  16. How secure is the Web site that is handling the online application process?
    Our website is extremely secure. We have partnered with Jobscience to provide our secure internet application services.
  17. Is JobScience application linked to employees who have been on RIF status or on the displaced employee program?
    Jobscience automatically links all qualified DEP and ARPP participants based on their occupational series/grade and the area of consideration of the posting. 
  18. How do I upload other documents such as cover letters in the new application system?
    Attachments such as cover letters or writing samples can be uploaded during the application process under the “Attach additional documents” tab. After clicking “Attach additional documents” you will be able to select a file from the desktop or your USB drive to upload.
  19. Does the new online application system have ranking factors?
    The District has moved away from the Rating and Ranking questionnaire process, and now has question sets that asked job specific questions in multiple choice form.
  20. Can I save my job application if I’m not ready to submit?
    Applying for positions in the new application system should be less time-consuming; however, if you do not submit your application, your information will not be saved.   An email with a link to complete and submit your application will be sent to you.
  21. Can I make changes to my job application after submission?
    You cannot make changes after your job application is submitted and you could not apply to the same job twice
  22. I've submitted my application. What are the next steps?
    Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Please ensure that the email address you supply is a viable way of contacting you regarding your application for employment. Your application will be reviewed to ensure that your skills closely match the duties described in the employment opportunity. If it is determined that your knowledge and skills closely meets the needs of the hiring agency, you will be contacted to further discuss your qualifications in detail.
  23. Is there a suspense time that an application submitted for job science can be kept on file?
    Submitted applications will remain in your job application history and will not be deleted.
  24. What does an Access Violation error mean ?
    This error message occurs when your browser cache need to be cleared.  It also occurs many times when a user doesn't log out correctly and tries to login again. 
    For step by step direction to clear your browser cache, visit:   http://www.refreshyourcache.com or www.clearyourcache.com
  25. What browser should I use to apply for positions?
    The following web browsers are recommended:  
    a. Internet Explorer 10 or higher 
    b. Mozilla Firefox  
    c. Google Chrome