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HR Awards

Nominations should be submitted online 2014 Awards Online Nomination Form. The nomination deadline has been extended to Thursday, October 23, 2014.



Awards will be given to individuals or teams in the following categories:

  1. The Director’s Award for Cutting through the Culture (Individual Award) – This award is presented to an individual who clearly embodies the spirit of cutting through the culture. The award recipient must have demonstrated innovation in the field of human resources to promote positive morale in their agency or across the District government.
  2. Unsung Hero Award (Individual Award) – This award is presented to a human resources professional who demonstrates excellence in work performed “behind the scenes.” The award is designed for someone who has made significant contributions to HR business operations by exemplifying the highest standard of work ethic, integrity, knowledge, and team work to assist others with accomplishing their agency’s HR goals and objectives.
  3. Rising Star Award (Individual Award) – This award is given to a human resources employee in the first year of their professional working career who has demonstrated outstanding performance since joining the District of Columbia Government. The award recipient must have demonstrated a passion for the work performed; a willingness to accept various tasks; and the drive to be successful within the field of human resources. This award is specifically designated for employees with no prior work experience outside of their first year with the District Government.
  4. Customer Care Award (Team or Individual Award) – This award honors a human resources professional or team that demonstrates outstanding and exemplary customer care to internal and/or external customers.  The award recipient must have performed the highest level of customer care resolving issues or providing services to customers; or enhanced the customer care strategy at the agency level or across the District through innovative systems, processes or techniques that reduce costs, eliminate paperwork, improve efficiency, and significantly contribute to quality customer care.
  5. Leadership Award (Individual Award) – This award is given to the human resources professional who successfully fosters the professional and personal growth of District Government employees and continuously demonstrates their passion for people, while influencing and improving their agency’s performance. The recipient also motivates and inspires employees, creates positive change in their agency, and demonstrates effective communication and listening skills to help their team achieve success.
  6. Excellence Award (Team or Individual Award) – This award is given to the human resources professional or team for their outstanding contributions to meeting the mission and objectives set forth by the Government of the District of Columbia. The award recipient must have performed well beyond expectations to improve business operations and/or processes.


Eligibility Requirements

Nominees must meet each of the following eligibility requirements in order to be considered for an award:

  • Individuals must be actively employed by the District of Columbia Government. Volunteers and contract workers are not eligible to participate.  
  • Individuals must have at least one (1) year of continuous employment with the District government, with the exception of the Rising Star Award, which is designed for employees with less than one (1) calendar year of service.
  • Individuals must be employed in HR positions or be employed in roles that closely relate to or have partnering functions with that of an HR administration, office, or unit. Executive and Deputy-level positions of agencies are excluded from consideration;
  • Individuals must have performance standings of 3.0 in the preceding fiscal year (FY13); no record of Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) administered for the present fiscal year (FY14); and no record of corrective or adverse discipline administered in the present fiscal year (FY14).

Nomination Invitation and Next Steps

We encourage you to participate by nominating an individual from your agency or another agency within the District, who has exemplified excellence in the application or performance of human resources functions/responsibilities. Please remember that teams may also be nominated and awarded.