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Jobscience FAQ for Internal Users

  1. What will happen to my library of requisitions in TAM?
    All records from TAM will be deleted
  2. How can I access the applications from my active requisitions?
    You will have up to Friday, December 12, 2014 to access TAM and your requisitions
  3. Are we still sending hiring requests via email for the potential hires who applied through TAM? Especially if a decision will be made after the Go-Live date?
    Yes, all hiring request pre Go Live date will be sent through DCHR via the current process
  4. Can I request a one-on-one session with DCHR to visit my agency, if I cannot make the Jobscience Lab dates?
    We strongly recommend that all HR Advisors attend our Lab Sessions. We will try to accommodate request for a private session, but please try to remember that during the transition period that there will be limited availability for DCHR to accommodate everyone’s request
  5. I still have not attended any of the training classes, are there any materials available for me to access and review?
    DCHR is currently developing our Jobscience manuals and guides, but it is still best to take advantage of the trainings we are offering to easily understand how each of the processes work
  6. Are the sessions available on-line?
    DCHR will develop WebEx sessions to be available to the HR Community. This material will not be available until post Go Live
  7. Can I have a member of my agency open the requisition for me?
    Yes, however only an authorized HR personnel can access Jobscience
  8. I have an existing OCA approval for all my positions; do I need to resend it to OCA when I open a requisition in Jobscience?
    If you have an existing OCA approval, you can simply upload the notification on the requisition, and submit the approval request to your DCHR ARC specialist
  9. I have a position that can be categorized as an Open Until Filled position, if the requisition in TAM did not yield enough applicants, can I open a new one in Jobscience to continue the search, but still include the applicants from TAM when I am reviewing the total applicant pool?
    If the batch from TAM did not yield a qualified applicant pool, you will need to screen and disposition the pool of applicants. You will then need to post a new requisition, and screen the applicants separately
  10. Who do I contact if I cannot access Jobscience, or if I am having technical issues?
    You will need to contact DCHR’s PeopleSoft technical team. Their contact information is [email protected]
  11. How do I access Jobscience?
    Accessing Jobscience will be thru PSHCM
  12. I am the only HR personnel in my agency, who can I submit the 2nd level of approval to open and post a requisition?
    You can work with your DCHR ARC Specialist in reviewing and providing the 2nd level of approval for your requisition
  13. I telework, would I be able to access Jobscience from home?
    Yes, if you have access to the VPN you will be able to access Jobscience thru PSHCM
  14. We are an independent agency, and will not participate in Jobscience, can we still access TAM?
    No, TAM will be 100% decommissioned. Independent agencies who opted not to use Jobscience will have to use their own Applicant Tracking System beginning of December 13, 2014
  15. Are we still utilizing selection certificates? If so, how will I access the certification?
    No, Jobscience’s AMS will serve as the new selection certification
  16. How will DEP candidates link to career opportunities?
    DEP will be automatically linked to all career opportunities that match their job code. However, they will still need to apply and qualify before being considered to the position
  17. Will all hiring managers in my agency have access to Jobscience? If so, will they also need training?
    Yes, they will have limited access to Jobscience. They only have access to the Submittals section of the system
    Training will be provided to Hiring Managers, please check the ELM catalog for the schedule
  18. What is replacing the Open-Until-Filled category?
    a. Agencies under the Mayor’s authority will have 45 days to post their requisitions
    b. Independent agencies can choose to select a longer date than 45 days
    c. Open Until Filled must meet the following criteria: Multi- Hire Vacancy, Deemed “Hard to fill”, Salary constraints, Niche Skill Set
  19. Can I be the OCA approver and Requisition Approver at the same time?
    This only applies if you are an HR Advisor for an independent agency