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Managing Performance Phase II

The Managing Performance Phase of the performance management cycle begins February 1st -May 31st it consists of:

I. the mid-year progress discussion;
II. Documentation of performance and plan modifications;
III. Performance Improvement Plan (If necessary) and
IV. Feedback.

I. Mid-year progress discussion

  A formal meeting between a supervisor and employee to discuss the employee’s performance and development.                       

Provide feedback to the employee and identify performance deficiencies that need to be addressed prior to the end of the review period. Provide the supervisor with information on her/his accomplishments, obstacles that may be preventing her/him from meeting performance expectations, and ask for feedback on her/his

 How to Prepare for and Conduct a Mid-year Progress Discussion


Step 1: Gather your observations, notes, documentation, and any other materials in regards to the employee’s performance.

Step 2: Compare actual performance to the performance expectations.

Step 3: Meet with your employee, be sure to state the purpose of the meeting in clear and direct terms.  

Step 4: During the meeting use appropriate examples of behavior to ensure the employee understands what you are trying to communicate to her/him.

Step 5: After the meeting write a summary of the discussion in ePerformance.

*The Mid-year Progress Discussion is a dialogue between the supervisor and the employee. Ratings should not be assigned to the performance expectations during the Mid-year Progress Discussion.


Step 1: Gather information on your accomplishments and any obstacles preventing you from meeting performance expectations.

Step 2: Compare actual performance to the performance expectations.

Step 3: Meet with your supervisor to discuss your performance. Be sure to ask your supervisor for performance-related feedback.


The ePerformance System will only open for exceptions (e.g. propose re-open dates the 15th and 30th of each month to capture all new hires, transfers, rehires, etc.).