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Management Supervisory Service

Learning and Development Program

The MSS Suite is an education series to continuously develop and grow managers and supervisors in the DC Government. The program is designed to provide managers with the critical knowledge and skills to effectively manage people, as well as execute the various programs in accordance with District policy, regulations, and industry best practices.

The MSS Suite has three categories:

1.   Core Management Learning
2.   Continuous Professional Development (electives)
3.   District Mandated Learning (as determined by the Mayor or DCHR)

The Core Management Learning consists of five (5) required courses that must be completed within the next two years — or the first two years of the MSS appointment for new managers. MSS employees are strongly encouraged to complete the three (3) courses denoted with an asterisk within the first year of their MSS appointment. In addition, MSS employees must complete any District-mandated training.

After completing the Core Management Learning (five (5) courses) within the first two years, MSS employees are required to complete two electives under the Continuous Professional Development category each fiscal year, as well as any District-mandated courses. The electives are outlined under the Continuous Professional Development category.

If you started taking courses under the prior MSS program you may be able to receive transfer credit for core courses or electives.  Please refer to the Transfer Credit section of this booklet for information on those courses.

In addition, learning and development courses completed outside of this program may be acceptable substitutions for the Continuous Professional Development category only, upon DCHR Workforce Development Administration (WDA) review and evaluation.

DCHR may add courses to the Continuous Professional Development category to expand the learning and development opportunities for MSS.  DCHR may update existing courses and/or add new courses to the Core Management Learning, particularly if there has been a significant change in policy, regulations, and/or best practices.


Year 1 - Year 2 Complete Core Management Learning (5 Courses)

Year 3 - Year 4 and beyond... Complete Two (2) Electives Each Fiscal Year


Core Management Learning

  1. Principles of Management*
  2. Performance Management*
  3. Progressive Discipline*
  4. Building Teams
  5. Leadership Essentials

District-mandated Learning

  1. Sexual Harassment (2013)

    (Additional courses have been added.  Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention Training)

*DCHR recommends completing the first three courses in the Core Management category in the first year of the program.

Continuous Professional Development (Electives)

  • Budgeting for Agency Operations
  • Critical Thinking for Supervisors and Managers
  • Curing the Negativity Virus
  • Developing Powerful Communications and Listening Skills
  • EEO / Sexual Harassment
  • Employee Relations
  • Ethical Decision Making for Managers
  • GLBT Cultural Competency Training
  • Interviewing Techniques for Managers
  • Management Dynamics
  • Mid-Year Discussion and Performance Improvement Plan (P.I.P.)
  • Multi-generation Appreciation in the WorkplacePeopleSoft - eProfile
  • PeopleSoft - eRecruit / TAMPeopleSoft - Position Management
  • PeopleSoft - Reports / Query
  • Procurement I
  • Project Management
  • Providing Quality Customer Service in Government
  • Understanding the District’s Budget

Course descriptions can be found on Management Supervisory Service Course Descriptions