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Charles Hall, Jr.


Director Charles Hall, Jr.DCHR Acting Director Charles Hall, Jr.

Charles Hall, Jr. is appointed Director of the Department of Human Resources (DCHR). Director Charles Hall, Jr. has more than 15 years of leadership and focus on a vision-driven approach to decision making, strategic planning, and tactical implementation. In 2008, Director Hall began his human resources career as HR Administrator at Under Armour in Baltimore, MD. From 2012 to 2013, he served in the Baltimore City Department of Public Works, conducting a range of administrative actions to support continuity of operations and achievement of core mission. From 2013 to 2022, Director Hall served at the Baltimore City Schools, holding several leadership roles, including Human Capital Specialist, Manager of School Based Staffing, and Director of Employee Engagement. In 2022, Director Hall joined Baltimore City Community College as Assistant Vice President of Human Resources and Payroll, a cabinet-level role with oversight of personnel, federal and state employment laws, and employee relations, including labor management.

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(202) 442-9700