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Laws and Regulations

Comprehensive Merit Personnel Act (“CMPA”)

The Comprehensive Merit Personnel Act (or “CMPA”) was enacted March 3, 1979. Among other things, this law required the establishment of the Department of Human Resources (formerly the Office of Personnel) and the creation of the District government’s own personnel system.

The CMPA is the authority that allows DCHR to update and adopt the DC Personnel Regulations found in the Electronic-District Personnel Manual (E-DPM) and the D.C. Municipal Regulations (“DCMR”).  These regulations are applicable to subordinate agencies in the District government.

D.C. Municipal Regulations (“DCMR”)

The D.C. Municipal Regulations (“DCMR”) is the official compilation of the rules and regulations issued by District of Columbia government agencies and the Council of the District of Columbia. Currently the DCMR contains 31 titles that provide the practices and methods to operate and perform effectively in the District Government.

The following link will direct you to the D.C. Municipal Regulations

D.C. Official Code

The D.C. Official Code represents a collection of the laws of the District of Columbia that govern the body of work within the District government.

The following link will direct you to the D.C. Official Code