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About DCHR


The DC Department of Human Resources (DCHR) provides human resource management services that strengthen individual and organizational performance and enable the District government to attract, develop and retain a well-qualified, diverse workforce.

Who We Are

The DC Department of Human Resources is organized into six administrations and the Office of the General Counsel that all report to the Office of the Director.

Office of the Director

Provides executive management and recruitment; policy direction; strategic and financial planning; public relations; resource management; support for DCHR and consultation to the Mayor and members of the Cabinet on human resource issues. It controls and disseminates work assignments and coordinates agency operations to ensure the attainment of the agency's goals and objectives. The Office of the Director is comprised of the following:

  • Administrative Services Administration - Falls under the Office of the Chief Operating Officer. It consists of the Executive and Excepted Services & HR Processing Unit; the Management Support Unit (formerly called Shared Services); and the newly established HR Answers Unit (customer service) and Information Technology.
  • Audit and Compliance Administration - Provides an independent and objective evaluation of the human resources functions, policies, procedures and controls of the agencies that are subordinate to the Mayor. The goals of the administration are to ensure compliance with the human resources laws, regulations, and policies; assess current practices against established goals; identify policies and rules that require clarification; and to investigate, analyze, assess and make recommendations on established human resources rules and policy. The Audit Branch promotes efficiency and assurance of compliance through assessment, review of policies and procedures, investigation, monitoring of internal controls, and makes conclusions and recommendations that assist in promoting optimal performance for the support of the agency. The Compliance Branch focuses on three main compliance issues:  Drug and Alcohol Enforcement, Criminal Background Check, Residency Preference and monitoring of any such violations. The Compliance Branch also ensures adherence to the recommendations made by the audit branch.

Policy and Staffing Services Administration

Responsible for researching, analyzing, formulating, developing and distributing a wide range of legal, regulatory, and procedural documents concerning the District government’s personnel management program, including amendments to the Comprehensive Merit Personnel Act and the DC Personnel Regulations (Title 6B of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations).  Conducts HR assessment audits, review of HR policies and procedures, HR investigations, monitoring of internal controls, and makes conclusions and recommendations to assist in promoting optimal performance for the support of the agency.  Provides staffing and recruitment support to subordinate agencies delegated recruitment and selection authority as well as other subordinate agencies and independent agencies; and conducts recruitment.  Provides oversight and advice in the area of Employee Relations.  The PSSA is comprised of the: Policy Group, Audit Unit, Recruitment & Staffing Group, and Employee Relations Unit.

Workforce Development Administration

Provides training, workforce planning and organizational development programs and activities that increase the knowledge, skills and competencies of District government employees, to enable them to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective services to the District of Columbia. The Administration is comprised of the following Divisions: Program Planning and Operations, Special Programs and Workforce Planning.    

Benefits and Retirement Administration

Responsible for the service delivery of the District’s benefits program and policies for 32,000 benefit-eligible employees and retirees (pre- and post-October 1,1987). This includes the plan management, contracting and communication of all health, voluntary and retirement programs.

Compensation and Classification Administration

Provides position management, classification, compensation and performance management assistance to District of Columbia government agencies. Establishes official classifications and descriptions, designs and implements pay schedules, and develops classification/compensation/performance management policies, procedures and regulations. Provides expert advice to District government agencies in the areas of classification, total compensation, administration of pay schedules, merit pay, compensation and classification policies, performance management systems, FLSA and recruitment/retention issues. Provides assistance to HR Advisors and management on various performance appraisal and reward systems.

Office of the General Counsel

Provides legal assistance to the Department of Human Resources, the agency that administers the human resource management program for subordinate agencies to ensure that the District government attracts, develops and retains a well-qualified, diverse workforce in compliance with the Comprehensive Merit Personnel Act and other relevant District and federal laws, rules, and regulations.  The Office of the General Counsel provides legal advice to the Director, and agency management, administrators and staff on a variety of complex legal issues in order to accomplish DCHR’s mission.  In addition, the Office of General Counsel provides legal advice and guidance to both subordinate and independent agencies within the District government regarding matters involving personnel and employment law, and provides litigation support to the Office of the Attorney General in a variety of pending legal matters.

The Police and Firefighters’ Retirement and Relief Board

Members and alternates appointed by the Mayor from among persons who are employees of the District of Columbia Government:  one member and alternate, each from the District of Columbia Department of Human Resources, Office of the Attorney General, Department of Health, Metropolitan Police and Fire Departments; and two (2) members, appointed from among persons who are not officers or employees of the District of Columbia Government.

The Police and Firefighters’ Retirement and Relief Board makes determinations and decisions on all retirement and survivor benefit claims and cases. The Board holds hearing proceedings and executive sessions for such cases and other relief matters concerning members of the D.C. Police and Fire Departments, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Secret Service, Uniformed Division and U.S. Park Police. The Support Staff schedules, plans and prepares all representation, information, documents, materials, agenda and witnesses for all matters that come before the Board, processes all actions and decisions of the Board, maintains the record keeping, write Findings of Fact and Conclusion of Law, and prepares the appeal records in all adverse decisions.