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Appointed Positions Excepted and Executive

Excepted Service is a distinct type of employment within District Government.  It is different from Career Service and Management Supervisory Service positions.  Excepted Service employees serve in an “at-will” capacity, are eligible for the District of Columbia Government’s employee benefits programs, and can earn and accrue leave.

Those serving in Excepted Service positions serve at the pleasure of the Mayor (or the appointing authority) and are subject to the domicile requirement.  Under the domicile requirement, Excepted Service appointees must either be a District resident at the time of their appointment or become a District resident within 180 days of their appointment date (start date).

Executive Service/Cabinet Positions:

Excepted Service/Specialty Positions:

Specialty Positions and Independent Agencies:

Senior Management/Policy Positions:

Policy and Program Specialist:

Internship Program: