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Dependent Eligibility Verification

If you add family members to your coverage, you are required to provide documentation to verify coverage eligibility for the dependents that you add during the Open Enrollment process or for a qualifying life event. When you enroll online, you must also submit dependent eligibility veri­fication. Failure to comply will result in a cancelation of health care coverage for that dependent.
  • Do not send original documents or the actual certified copy with a raised seal. A copy of the document with the seal clearly visible is acceptable. Retain the original document(s), we will not return the documents you submit.
  • Each piece of documentation must have the employee’s name and the last four digits of their Social Security number. DCHR has the authority to determine whether the documentation satisfi­es the plan’s requirements. Any fees associated with obtaining documents are the employee’s responsibility.
  • You must enroll during Open Enrollment or within 30 days of a qualifying life event.
Please Note: You are not required to provide annual verification for dependents currently covered by any DC Government health plan; however, DC Government reserves the right to request supporting documentation at any time.


Provide a copy of one of the following:
  • Most recent year’s 1040 Married Filing Jointly federal tax return that lists the spouse (black out ­financial information and dependents’ Social Security numbers)
  • Subscriber’s and spouse’s most recent 1040 Married Filing Separately federal tax return (black out ­financial information and dependents’ Social Security numbers)
  • Proof of common residence (example: a utility bill) and marriage certi­ficate*
  • Proof of financial interdependency (example: a shared bank statement. Black out fi­nancial information) and marriage certificate*
  • Petition for dissolution of marriage (divorce)
  • Legal separation notice

State-Registered Domestic Partner or Legal Union Partner

Provide a copy of one of the following:
  • Proof of common residence (example: a utility bill) and certificate/card of state-registered domestic partnership*
  • Proof of ­financial interdependency (example: a shared bank statement; black out ­financial information) and certificate/card of state-registered domestic partnership*
  • Petition for invalidity (annulment) of domestic partnership or legal union
  • Petition for dissolution of domestic partnership or legal union
  • Legal separation notice of domestic partnership or legal union

Learn more about Domestic Partner Health Benefits, including eligiblity, tax provisions, and documentation.



Provide a copy of one of the following:
  • Most recent year’s federal tax return that includes the child(ren) as a dependent and listed as a son or daughter (black out ­financial information and dependents’ Social Security numbers)
  • Birth certificate (or hospital certificate with the child’s footprints on it) showing the name of the parent who is the subscriber, the subscriber’s spouse, or the subscriber’s state-registered domestic partner**)
  • Certificate or decree of adoption
  • Court-ordered parenting plan
  • National Medical Support Notice
  • Original Foster child certi­fication and a copy of documentation of regular and substantial support of the child***
  • Disabled Child: Medical verification of disability prior to age 26
  • Legal Custody: Copy of Court Order granting legal custody
  • Step Child: Birth Certificate**, Copy of Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree or Custody Papers
You can submit one copy of your tax return if it includes all family members that require verification.
*If within two years of marriage or state-registered domestic partnership, then only the marriage certificate or certificate/card of state-registered domestic partnership is required.
**If the dependent is the subscriber’s stepchild, the subscriber must also verify the spouse or state-registered domestic partner to enroll the child, even if not enrolling the spouse/partner in DCEHB and FEHB coverage.
***More than one of the following proofs may be required to show support of a recognized natural child who does not live with the enrollee in a regular parent-child relationship and for whom a judicial determination of support has not been obtained: Evidence of eligibility as a dependent child for benefi­ts under other State or Federal programs; Proof of inclusion of the child as a dependent on the enrollee’s income tax returns; Canceled checks, money orders, or receipts for periodic payments from the enrollee for or on behalf of the child; Evidence of goods or services that show regular and substantial contributions of considerable value.