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Training Coordinator Directory

Training Coordinator Directory

Name Agency Email
Elizabeth Figueroa Administrative Hearings, Office of elizabeth.figueroa@dc.gov
Jacqueline Richardson Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin jackie.richardson@dc.gov
Kim Gordon Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin kim.gordon@dc.gov
Carolyn Parker Arts & Humanities, Comm on the carolyn.parker@dc.gov
Paulette Black Attorney General, Ofc of the paulette.black@dc.gov
Candace McCrae Auditor, Office of the DC candace.mccrae@dc.gov
Laura Hopman Auditor, Office of the DC laura.hopman@dc.gov
Stacie Pattell Auditor, Office of the DC stacie.pattell@dc.gov
Debra Smith Chief Financial Officer, Ofc debra.smith@dc.gov
Sabina Acquah Chief Financial Officer, Ofc sabina.acquah@dc.gov
Paul Fil Chief Financial Officer, Ofc paul.fil@dc.gov
Shanda Jones Chief Technology Officer, Ofc shanda.jones@dc.gov
Eugenia Moreno Chief Technology Officer, Ofc eugenia.moreno@dc.gov
Alice Saydee Child and Family Services Agcy alice.saydee@dc.gov
Virgil Walker Child and Family Services Agcy virgil.walker@dc.gov
Peter Hillman Consumer and Regulatory Affair peter.hillman@dc.gov
D'Andre Dorn Contracting and Procurement dandre.dorn@dc.gov
Carlos Johnston Contracting and Procurement carlos.johnston@dc.gov
Erika Wilson Contracting and Procurement ericka.wilson@dc.gov
Constance Best Corrections, Department of constance.best2@dc.gov
Ricardo Gradillas Corrections, Department of ricardo.gradillas@dc.gov
Valerie Wilkins Council of the District of Columbia vwilkins@dccouncil.us
Vikkie Garay Department of General Services vikkie.garay@dc.gov
Kathleen Ognibene Department of Health kathleen.ognibene@dc.gov
Carlisa Long Department of Human Services carlisa.long@dc.gov
Lynda Mosley Department of Human Services lynda.mosley@dc.gov
Alfred Gamble Department of the Energy and Environment alfred.gamble@dc.gov
Barbara Moore Department of the Energy and Environment barbara.moore@dc.gov
Lavonia Jackson    Department of Forensic Sciences lavonia.jackson@dc.gov
Aida Gueye Department of Forensic Sciences aida.gueye@dc.gov
Radeena Washington Department of Forensic Sciences radeena.washington@dc.gov
Angela Nottingham Dept Housing and Comm Dvlpmt angela.nottingham@dc.gov
Vanessa Hardy Dept Housing and Comm Dvlpmt vanessa.hardy@dc.gov
Nicole Cook Dept of Human Resources nicole.patterson@dc.gov
Sherri Battle Dept of Small and Local Bus Dv  sherri.battle@dc.gov
Erica Gross    Disability Services dds.providertraining@dc.gov
Fikicia Guy Disability Services fikicia.guy@dc.gov
Gria Hernandez Disability Services gria.hernandez@dc.gov
Troy Higginbotham District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority troy.higginbotham@dc.gov
Herman Preston District of Columbia National Guard herman.preston@dc.gov
Cynthia Coleman District of Columbia National Guard cynthia.coleman@dc.gov
Linda Johnson Elections and Ethics, Board of  ljohnson@dcboee.org
Tyrell Dow Elections and Ethics, Board of  tyrell.dow3@dc.gov
Sandra Peterson Elections and Ethics, Board of  sandra.peterson@dc.gov
Michon Hicks Employment Services, Dept of michon.hick@dc.gov
Lesley Long Employment Services, Dept of lesley.long3@dc.gov
Taneshia Rawlings Employment Services, Dept of taneshia.rawlings@dc.gov
Denise Jackson Employment Services, Dept of denise.jackson2@dc.gov
Sheila Cuthrell Executive Office of the Mayor sheila.cuthrell@dc.gov
Zelphia Quiqley Odom Executive Office of the Mayor zelphia.quigleyodom@dc.gov
Anita Patterson Finance and Resource Mgmt, Ofc anita.patterson@dc.gov
Captain Michael Knight Fire and Emerg. Medical Svcs michael.knight@dc.gov
Charles Stewart    Fire and Emerg. Medical Svcs charles.stewart@dc.gov
Leslie Harrison  Homeland Security & EMA leslie.harrison@dc.gov
Erika Temple Homeland Security & EMA erika.temple@dc.gov
Ayanna Lee Human Rights, Office of   Ayanna.lee@dc.gov
Jaime Yarussi Inspector General, Office of jaime.yarussi@dc.gov
Tashima Pedroso Inspector General, Office of tashima.pedroso@dc.gov
Ernesto Rodriguez Insurance, Securities and Bank ernesto.rodriguez@dc.gov
Marlene Simmons Insurance, Securities and Bank marlene.simmons@dc.gov
Esther Harris-Shelton Medical Examiner, Ofc Chief esther.shelton2@dc.gov
Louisa Buadoo Amoa Behavioral Health, Department of louisa.buadooamoa@dc.gov
Fitz Evans Metropolitan Police Department fitz.evans@dc.gov
April Moore Metropolitan Police Department april.moore@dc.gov
Nina Jones Motor Vehicles, Department of nina.jones2@dc.gov
Steven Johnson    Office of Cable Television steven.johnson@dc.gov
Keneysha Anthony Parks and Recreation, Dept of keneysha.anthony2@dc.gov
Gwen Bailey Pay and Retirement Services, Office of gwen.bailey@dc.gov
Anniccia Miller People's Counsel, Ofc of the amiller@opc-dc.gov
Erica Bright People's Counsel, Ofc of the ebright@opc-dc.gov
Eric Scott People's Counsel, Ofc of the escott@opc-dc.gov
Joyetta Delaney   Planning, Office of joyetta.delaney@dc.gov
Sandra Harp Planning, Office of sandra.harp@dc.gov
Stephanie Banks Police Complaints, Office of Stephanie.Banks@dc.gov
Kimberly Ryan Police Complaints, Office of kimberly.ryan@dc.gov
Nicole Boynes Public Library, DC nicole.boynes@dc.gov
Jacqueline Ceasar Public Library, DC jacqueline.ceasar@dc.gov
Tozer Hammond Public Schools, DC tozer.hammond@dc.gov
Darin Simmons Public Schools, DC darin.simmons@dc.gov
Benita Anderson Public Service Commission banderson@psc.dc.gov
Natalie Taylor Public Service Commission ntaylor@psc.dc.gov
Sophia Pryce Public Service Commission spryce@psc.dc.gov
Marilyn Gross Public Works, Department of marilyn.gross@dc.gov
Ralph Sookraj Public Works, Department of ralph.sookraj@dc.gov
Greta Bonaparte Public Works, Department of greta.bonaparte@dc.gov
Lottie Winters Public Works, Department of lottie.winters@dc.gov
Rabinai Carson Retirement Board, DC rabinai.carson@dc.gov
Vernon Valentine Retirement Board, DC vernon.valentine@dc.gov
Adaora Otiji State Superintendent of Education Office adaora.otiji@dc.gov
Quiyana Hall State Superintendent of Education Office quiyana.hall@dc.gov
Charlotte Alston Transportation, District Dept charlotte.alston@dc.gov
Sylvester Dixon Transportation, District Dept Sylvester.Dixon2@dc.gov
Joel Price, II Transportation, District Dept joel.price@dc.gov
Marlene Hollins  Unified Communications, Ofc of marlene.hollins@dc.gov
Debra Sullivan  University of the DC debra.sullivan@udc.edu
Cynthia Luna Youth Rehab Services, Dept of cynthia.luna@dc.gov
Silvia Moody Youth Rehab Services, Dept of silvia.moody@dc.gov
Zelalem Hill Zoning, Office of zelalem.hill@dc.gov