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Training Coordinator Directory

Training Coordinator Directory

Name Agency Email
Paul Handy Administrative Hearings, Office of [email protected]
Jacqueline Richardson Alcoholic Beverage Reg Admin [email protected]
Carolyn Parker Arts & Humanities, Comm on the [email protected]
Paulette Black Attorney General, Ofc of the [email protected]
Candace McCrae Auditor, Office of the DC [email protected]
Laura Hopman Auditor, Office of the DC [email protected]
Debra Smith Chief Financial Officer, Ofc [email protected]
Sabina Acquah Chief Financial Officer, Ofc [email protected]
Rosalyn McKine Chief Technology Officer, Ofc [email protected]
Tonya Tart Chief Technology Officer, Ofc [email protected]
Ann M. Powell Child and Family Services Agcy [email protected]
Cynthia Davis Child and Family Services Agcy [email protected]
Kerry-Ann Rapheal Consumer and Regulatory Affair [email protected]
Carlos Johnston Contracting and Procurement [email protected]
Rosalia Rojas Contracting and Procurement [email protected]
Cornelia Exum Corrections, Department of [email protected]
Ricardo Gradillas Corrections, Department of [email protected]
Valerie Wilkins Council of the District of Columbia [email protected]
Evelyn Jimenez Department of General Services [email protected]
Marvin McCoy Department of General Services [email protected]
Donna Harrison-Scott Department of Health [email protected]
Carlisa Long Department of Human Services [email protected]
Linda Mosley Department of Human Services [email protected]
Constance Best Department of the Environment [email protected]
Denise Rivera Portis Department of the Environment [email protected]
Shavon McLeod Department of the Environment [email protected]
Angela Nottingham Dept Housing and Comm Dvlpmt [email protected]
Vanessa Hardy Dept Housing and Comm Dvlpmt [email protected]
Alex McCray Dept of Human Resources [email protected]
Nicole Cook Dept of Human Resources [email protected]
Sherri Battle Dept of Small and Local Bus Dv  [email protected]
Stacie Brownrigg Disability Services [email protected]
Sabine Campbell Disability Services [email protected]
Gria Hernandez Disability Services [email protected]
Linda Johnson Elections and Ethics, Board of  [email protected]
Tia Coachman Employment Services, Dept of [email protected]
Anita Patterson Finance and Resource Mgmt, Ofc [email protected]
Captain Michael Knight Fire and Emerg. Medical Svcs [email protected]
Juan Carter Fire and Emerg. Medical Svcs [email protected]
Kelton Ellerbe Fire and Emerg. Medical Svcs [email protected]
Shawn Laster Fire and Emerg. Medical Svcs [email protected]
Leslie Harrison  Homeland Security & EMA [email protected]
Ayanna Lee Human Rights, Office of   [email protected]
Ernesto Rodriguez Insurance, Securities and Bank [email protected]
Marlene Simmons Insurance, Securities and Bank [email protected]
Esther Harris Medical Examiner, Ofc Chief [email protected]
Patricia Lewis Medical Examiner, Ofc Chief [email protected]
Louisa Buadoo Amoa Mental Health, Department of [email protected]
Fitz Evans Metropolitan Police Department [email protected]
Diane Haines Walton Metropolitan Police Department [email protected]
April Moore Metropolitan Police Department [email protected]
Eric Brock Motor Vehicles, Department of [email protected]
Maliaka Scott Office of Cable Television [email protected]
Maytiller Evans Parks and Recreation, Dept of [email protected]
Anniccia Miller People's Counsel, Ofc of the [email protected]
Erica Bright People's Counsel, Ofc of the [email protected]
Sheila Cuthrell Planning and Economic Developm [email protected]
Zelphia Odom Planning and Economic Developm [email protected]
Joyetta Delaney   Planning, Office of [email protected]
Sandra Harp Planning, Office of [email protected]
Stephanie Banks Police Complaints, Office of [email protected]
Angela Simpson Public Library, DC [email protected]
Barbara Ford-Kirven Public Library, DC [email protected]
Jacqueline Ceasar Public Library, DC [email protected]
Crystal Jefferson Public Schools, DC [email protected]
Darin Simmons Public Schools, DC [email protected]
Benita Anderson Public Service Commission [email protected]
Natalie Taylor Public Service Commission [email protected]
Sophia Pryce Public Service Commission [email protected]
Sheila Lindsey Public Works, Department of [email protected]
Rabinai Carson Retirement Board, DC [email protected]
Lawrence Valentine Retirement Board, DC [email protected]
Denise Jackson State Education Office [email protected]
SirWalter Hemphill State Education Office [email protected]
Shawn Laster Taxicab Commission, DC [email protected]
Charlotte Alston Transportation, District Dept [email protected]
Sylvester Dixon Transportation, District Dept [email protected]
Taji Anderson Transportation, District Dept [email protected]
Tinaruth Roper Transportation, District Dept [email protected]
Alton Gadsden Unified Communications, Ofc of [email protected]
David Mastropaolo University of the D.C. [email protected]
Dizella Jones University of the D.C. [email protected]
Silvia Moody Youth Rehab Services, Dept of [email protected]
Nyambi Nyambi Zoning, Office of [email protected]