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Retirement and Tax Issues Impacting District Government Employees

Friday, July 20, 2018

Statement on Department of Human Resources Identification of Longstanding Retirement and Tax Issues Impacting District Government Employees

Clarissa M. Rucker, (202) 727-1558; [email protected]

(Washington, DC) –Last year, the DC Department of Human Resources (DCHR) discovered a systemic, long-standing error in the deduction and payment of Social Security and Medicare taxes from the paychecks of hundreds of current and former DC employees.  DCHR has been working closely with an external accounting firm to conduct a comprehensive review of the District’s retirement system and has identified additional employees impacted by this error. Affected employees received notification from DCHR advising them of the oversight and directing them to DCHR’s Tax team for additional information. Affected employees are also encouraged to contact the DCHR Retirement Tax team at (202) 727-1578 or email at [email protected]

The following statement on the error and resolution is attributable to Ventris Gibson, Director of Department of Human Resources:

“DCHR respects the public’s right to know and sincerely regrets that these errors occurred, and is committed to providing affected employees with a transparent and expedient solution.”