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Language Access


The Language Access Program, instituted by the DC Office of Human Rights, is dedicated to removing language as a barrier to obtaining information and services from the District Government. As DCHR employees, it is our duty to understand and fulfill these language access standards and responsibilities. You can view the full text of the Language Access Act of 2004, as updated in 2014, below.

DCHR is ensured with providing Limited English Proficient (LEP) or Non-English Proficient (NEP) customers, seeking access or to participate in the programs, services or activates, equal access to information in the language of choice. Click the links below to access more information and for the Language Access Reference Guide.


  1. What if a LEP/NEP seems to need interpretation services and they refuse it?
    If the LEP/NEP has refused this service and opted to rely on interpreter assistance by someone they have identified, the forms below are waivers that need to be filled out by both the LEP/NEP and the employee.
  2. What if the LEP/NEP assigned a minor to interpret? Minors are not allowed to interpret. Language Line Solutions must be called, and LEP/NEP must receive interpretation service by a Language Line translator.
  3. What if I (employee) am asked to interpret? DC government employees are not required to offer interpretation services and can refuse to do so, unless that employee is a certified bilingual staff. As Stewarts of the District, we encourage those that speak and understand another language to interact with the public. Language Line Solution is a free service provided to all employees and residents even if the employee can interpret.
  4. What if I have more questions, who do I contact? If you require additional assistance, contact your agency's Language Access Coordinator.
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