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Percipio, powered by Skillsoft, is an intuitive learning platform that enables users to select their desired learning path from start to finish. Percipio offers access to a continually growing library of award-winning learning content mapped to the skills that matter most to leading global companies. You'll discover topics across leadership development, business and management skills, digital transformation, technology, and developer.

There are many key elements of the Percipio platform to make sure you get the most out of the experience. To name a few, learners can connect their learning plan to their short and long-term goals. Learners can earn Skillsoft Digital Badges by completing courses in Percipio and showcase their knowledge and skills by sharing the achievements made with their manager and across social networks!

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Free Online Courses!! is a free open learning courseware resource. It is one of the top Massive Open Online eCourses (MOOCs) available online offering courses on a wide range of academic topics. The site is developed to be optimized for mobile devices which will allow users to learn by taking online courses and engaging in course video lectures anywhere and anytime. There are over 500 courses provided by over 35 leading colleges and universities around the world including Harvard University, University of Michigan, and Penn State University. The MOOCs and video lectures provide the learner with the closest experience to being in the classroom with qualified educators.

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