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Management Supervisory Service

Learning and Development Program

Welcome to the MSS Suite, a comprehensive professional development program meticulously crafted for managers and supervisors within the District of Columbia Government. This holistic program is designed to constantly enhance your professional skills and capabilities. We offer a curated curriculum that equips MSS employees with the critical knowledge and expertise required to effectively support, coach, and lead teams. Additionally, our program empowers you to administer agency-specific programs seamlessly, ensuring they align with District policy, legislative regulations, and industry best practices. Join the MSS Suite, your pathway to perpetual professional elevation.

The MSS Suite is comprised of three key components:

  1. Core Management Learning
  2. Ethics and Compliance Training (previously known as the Annual Learning Program) and any other program as decided by either the Mayor or the DCHR.
  3. Professional Development (elective courses)

If you started your course under the earlier MSS curriculum, you may qualify for credit transfer for core or elective classes.
Additionally, completion of learning and development courses outside of this initiative could potentially count towards the Professional Development category, subject to a review and evaluation by DCHR Center for Learning & Development (CLD).


Please note: All new MSS recruits must complete the time entry courses, listed below, within their initial month (30 days) of joining:

  • MSS Time Entry – Course # AT0004
  • MSS Approve Time – Course # AT0005

Note: Please use Chrome when attempting to access these trainings. If you are having challenges with access, disable your pop-up blockers.  

1. Core Management Learning

This component includes five mandatory courses that must be completed within two years of entering a MSS role. It's highly recommended for MSS employees to finish the first three courses, marked with an asterisk, within the first year of their MSS appointment.

  • Progressive Discipline – Course # 916W*
  • Performance Management – Course # 913W*
  • Principles of Management – Course # 919W
  • Building High-Performance Teams – Course # 920W
  • Communicating Strategically – Course # 415W

2. Ethics and Compliance Training (as determined by the Mayor or DCHR)

Ethics and Compliance Training, as mandated by the District, is designed to provide managers and supervisors with the tools to manage government priorities and initiatives on a larger scale. The courses deliver key strategies for handling ethics and compliance-related matters and driving and managing employee engagement. Please refer to the frequency requirements listed below.

  • Advancing Racial Equity: The Role of Government - AE204 - Biennially
  • Reasonable Suspicion - 909W - 60 days after appointment and then Biennially
  • LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency - 517W - Biennially
  • Language Access - 606W - Biennially
  • Sexual Harassment - Biennially

3. Professional Development (Electives)

After MSS employees have successfully completed the five essential Core Management Learning courses within their first two years, they then move on to the next phase. Starting from the third year, it becomes mandatory for them to enroll in at least two elective courses each year. These electives form part of the lifelong Professional Development category. Additionally, they may also need to participate in any additional courses as required by the District.

  • Coaching Session MSS & Lead    - 525W
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback - 523W    
  • Leadership, the 6th Sense - 815W        
  • Budgeting for Agency Ops - 930W        
  • Emotional Intelligence - 921W    
  • Mindfulness/Managing Stress - 918W     
  • Peer to Manager, Now What? - 3026    
  • Mid-Year Discussion & PIP – Course #PIP*

Online Courses via Skillsoft Percipio:

Courses are available 24/7. Access Percipio at or for additional assistance email: [email protected].


Year 1 - Year 2: Complete Core Management Learning (5 Courses)
Year 1 - Ethics and Compliance Training (biennially)
Year 3 – Lifelong learning:

  • Complete Two Electives each year
  • Ethics and Compliance Training (biennially)

MSS appointees (and training coordinators) will receive notification of any other District Mandated Courses. Select here for a list of Agency Training Coordinators.
To register for training, visit PeopleSoft Self Service (, then navigate to > Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment. Here you can search by course name, by training date, or by audience (MSS).

See MSS course print out schedule

For further assistance or information, contact the DCHR Center for Learning and Development at 202-442-9700 or send an email to [email protected].