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Management Supervisory Service

Learning and Development Program

The MSS Suite is a professional development series designed to consistently improve and enhance managers and supervisors within the District of Columbia Government. The curriculum is designed to provide MSS employees with the critical knowledge and skills required to effectively support, coach, and lead employees as well as execute agency specific programs in accordance with District policy, legislative requirements, and industry best practices.

The MSS Suite has three categories:

  1. Core Management Learning
  2. Annual Learning Program (as determined by the Mayor or DCHR)
  3. Continuous Professional Development (electives)

If you began taking courses under the previous MSS program, you may be eligible for transfer credit for core or elective courses.

In addition, learning and development courses completed outside of this program may be acceptable substitutions for the Continuous Professional Development category pending review and evaluation by DCHR Center for Learning & Development (CLD).


1. Core Management Learning

The Core Management Learning consists of six (6) required courses that must be completed within two years of the appointment to a MSS position. MSS employees are strongly encouraged to complete the three (3) courses denoted with an asterisk within the first year of their MSS appointment.

  1. Progressive Discipline – Course # 916W*
  2. Performance Management – Course # 913W*
  3. Mid-Year Discussion & PIP – Course #PIP*
  4. Principles of Management – Course # 919W
  5. Building High Performance Teams – Course # 920W
  6. Communicating Strategically – Course # 415W

Note: All new MSS employees must take the time entry courses, once, within the first month of hire:

  1. MSS Time Entry – Course # AT0004
  2. MSS Approve Time – Course # AT0005

    *DCHR recommends completing the first three courses in the Core Management category in the first year of the program.
    To register for training, go to PeopleSoft Self Service (https://ess.dc.gov) then select > Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment, where you can search by course name, by training date, or by audience (MSS).

2. Annual Compliance Learning Program (as determined by the Mayor or DCHR)

The Annual Compliance Learning Program, mandated by the Mayor and/or DCHR, aims to provide managers and supervisors to manage government priorities and initiatives at the broadest scale. These courses will provide key strategies for handling compliance-related matters, assessing and managing employee engagement.

  1. Harassment Prevention for US Managers – Office 1 - Percipio
  2. Reasonable Suspicion – Course # 909W
  3. LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency – Course # 517W
  4. Language Access – Course #606W
  5. Harassment Prevention for US Employees – Office 1
  6. Harassment Prevention for US Managers – Office 1

3. Continuous Professional Development (Electives)

After completing the Core Management Learning six (6) courses within the first two years, MSS employees are required to complete two electives under the Continuous Professional Development category each fiscal year, as well as any District-mandated courses. The electives are outlined under the Continuous Professional Development category.

  1. Coaching Session MSS & Lead – Course # 525W
  2. Giving & Receiving Feedback – Course # 523W
  3. Leadership, the 6th Sense – Course # 815W
  4. Budgeting for Agency Ops – Course # 930W
  5. Emotional Intelligence –  Course #921W
  6. Mindfulness/Managing Stress – Course # 918W

Online Courses via Skillsoft Percipio:
Courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  To access Percipio, go to https://dchr.percipio.com or for additional assistance email: [email protected].


Year 1 - Year 2 Complete Core Management Learning (6 Courses) Plus District Mandated Course
Year 3 -  and beyond: Complete Two (2) Electives and District Mandated Course Each Fiscal Year

For more information, contact the DCHR Center for Learning and Development at 202-442-9700 or by email at [email protected].