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Capital City Fellows Application Process

Important things to consider in the process of applying to the Capital City Fellows Program (CCFP):

  • You MUST complete the application in one session. You cannot save an incomplete application.
  • Review the application process and gather all four resources (Professional Resume, Recommendation Letters [one professional and one academic], and Unofficial Transcript) you will need to complete the application successfully. You must answer all questions and follow the directions as explained within the application.
  • The essays must be well written and responsive to each prompt. You are expected to write a minimum of 500 words for each essay. Writing exercises will be evaluated for judgment, grammar, and clarity of argument and thought. You should use font 11 or 12 single space. It is recommended that you write all your writing samples in a Word document before uploading to the application form. Once you have reviewed, edited, and proofread your essays, please upload essays into the application with the other four documents.
  • The application will be deemed incomplete if any field is empty and/or not fully answered. The application will also be deemed incomplete and not acceptable if any of the four attachments and essays are missing.

Attachmentsyou must upload the following attachments in order for your application to be complete:

  •  Please respond to the following writing prompts in a Word document. Note: Each essay response is required to meet the 500-word minimum.
    • Why do you want to be a Capital City Fellow? (500 words minimum)
    • What is one of the most critical issues faced by the Government of the District of Columbia, and how should government address it? (500 words minimum)
    • Please give an example of a time in your personal life, professional career, or educational experience when you were required to complete an important task with insufficient resources and/or direction. How did you handle the situation? (500 words minimum)
  • Upload your resume.
  • Upload your unofficial transcript. (Note: An official transcript will be requested if you are selected for an interview).
  • Upload your recommendation letters (one professional and one academic). In each recommendation letter, please ask the recommender to include the following information: Name, Company, Title, and Contact Information (phone number and email address). Please also ask the recommender to sign their recommendation letter.
  • Preference will be given to District Residents.  You must be able to meet the Residency Requirement at time of selection .

If you experience difficulty with the application, please email [email protected].

Capital City Fellows Program FY23 Application Timeline
April 14, 2023 Online Application
April 7, 2023 Interview Notification Date - Candidates will be informed via email if they were selected for virtual interviews.
February 27- April 14, 2023  Virtual Interviews - Candidates will be contacted to schedule a virtual interview.
April 28, 2023  Selection Notification Date - Candidates will be informed via email if they have been selected, wait-listed, or denied admission to the program.
October 2023

(Specific Start Date shared upon extension of formal offer)

The official start date for Capital City Fellows. If you are selected, this date is not negotiable. However, candidates from the waitlist may be asked to start on other dates as vacancies arise.